Living for the outdoors


Established in Yorkshire, our founder Hannah Russell has a huge love for the countryside and outdoors. She had a long term idea to design and create a countryside and outdoor brand for a few years.


Hannah qualified as an interior designer and within her work you often find designs of hares, stags, pheasants and the countryside, she began to put these on to garments using inspiration from her home in the Yorkshire Dales using colours which are inspired by the beautiful landscape. In 2022 she created Wild and country.


An outdoor and lifestyle brand inspired from the outdoors and wildlife, made with organic and sustainable fabrics.


Wild and country is more than just a clothing brand, we are a community, a club and a network for people to inspire one another to get outdoors…

Living for the outdoorsJoin the Club. Explore the outdoors.

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‘The brand is inspired for those who live for the outdoors,’ says Hannah.
From the incorporated Yorkshire palette with colours such as ‘Moorland Heather’ and ‘Yorkshire Dales Green’ Hannah has encapsulated the beautiful shades of the county she grew up in and given them a fashion form.

Empowering nature is at the heart of Wild & Country’s first collection....

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